Activities Committee

Behind the Scenes at the Atlanta History Center

On October 15, 2023, Gordon Jones, senior military historian at the Atlanta History Center (and Round Table past president), led members of the Round Table group on a special tour of the History Center. Gordon displayed and discussed several important new acquisitions related to the origins of the war, including “Bleeding Kansas” in the 1850s and John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry. Also included in the tour was a Medal of Honor won by a Federal soldier at Resaca.


Medal of Honor awarded to a soldier for the Battle of Resaca from the 33rd Mass, the unit principally involved in destroying downtown Atlanta on Sherman’s orders.


Letter from Brown ordering the manufacture of his pikes to be used in a slave uprising.


One of only ten known “Beecher’s Bibles”, a Sharps rifle sent to free state Kansas settlers from New England.



This is a pike ordered by John Brown to his specifications and captured in the Harper’s Ferry raid.


Medal of Honor Tour  November 11, 2023


The Road to the Medal Of Honor” bus tour on Veterans Day was sponsored by the Atlanta and Cobb Civil War Round Tables and the Company of Military Historians. Leading the tour were Harper Harris and Brad Quinlin. Following the route of the Great Locomotive Chase and ending at the new Medal of Honor Heritage Museum made for a wonderful tour.


Adairsville Depot in front of Great Locomotive Chase painting.