Bruce Stewart, President

Speakers for the 2009-2010 Campaign Year


September 9, 2009   Richard McMurry - The General in the Jar: Joseph E. Johnston and the Defense of Atlanta
October 13, 2009   William J. Cooper - Jefferson Davis: Confederate Commander-in-Chief
November 10, 2009   Ed Bearss - The USS Cairo, Vicksburg, Mississppi

November Newsletter

...On 12 December 1862, while clearing mines from the river, the USS Cairo struck a torpedo detonated by Confederate volunteers hidden behind the river bank and sank in twelve minutes; there were no casualties. Cairo became the first armored warship sunk by an electrically detonated mine....


December 8, 2009   Jim Lewis - Stones River, Tennessee
January 12, 2010   Tim Smith - Shiloh, Tennessee
February 12, 2010


  Jack Davis - The Siege of Charleston, South Carolina
March 9, 2010   James McPherson - Richard Barksdale Harwell Book Award.  Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief: Tried by War
April 13, 2010   Jeffery Wert - The Stonewall Brigade vs. The Iron Brigade
May 11, 2010   Robert E.L. Krick - The Peninsula Campaign
June 8, 2010 Glenn LaFantasie  Twilight at Little Round Top