Welcome from President Mary-Elizabeth Ellard

Speakers for Campaign Year 2021-2022

 Greetings, All!

How thrilled we all are to return to our regular monthly meetings!

We have so many people to thank for getting us through these trying months, more than I can enumerate. Still, some names stand out, though listed here in no particular order:

John Dietrichs: For giving us such a strong series of speakers and wonderful parade of relics during his presidency, that even when cut short, our utter enjoyment made us yearn to return.

Carlton Mullis: Who knew that being part of the ACWRT would ever involve learning how to use "a virtual meeting platform"? Who knew there were Lincoln bobble head dolls? If you didn't attend on-line, you missed out on that! Many thanks to Carlton for persevering in what was certainly the most unprecedented presidency of our group's long history.

Loran Crabtree: Many thanks to Loran for setting up the Zoom account and for moderating each Zoom meeting. We could not have done it without him.

John Miller: John's wonderful activities allowed safe, face to face gatherings when such events were precious and rare, and he did it all with his usual easy manner and good cheer. Many thanks!

Carol Willey: When we had few other ways to keep in touch as an organization, Carol made sure that the Battlelines went out each month with informative, enjoyable and attractive content to keep us engaged and connected. Never has the newsletter been more important.

Tim Whalen: Some things never change. Even though we were not meeting face to face, the ACWRT had expenses (Zoom account, annual corporate registration, the Harwell Award, etc.). Many thanks to Tim for tending to necessary financial chores: paying the bills, depositing the checks, and keeping the books.

Gary Barnes and the whole Harwell Committee: Their work never ceased, nor their dedication to their task. One thing everyone could do even during the pandemic was read, and read they did. Thanks for your hard work and your discernment to select yet more worthy recipients. Special thanks to those who provided book reviews for the newsletter.

Gould Hagler: Gould preserved a seamless presence for us at our website and Facebook page throughout the pandemic. Even if you could not attend activities, you could read about them and see photos posted on Facebook. If you wanted to stroll down memory lane and review previous meetings or newsletters, Gould's good management of our website meant that the ACWRT long and vibrant tradition of excellent meetings and activities was just a click away.

Our Executive Committees (across three years: 2019-2020, 2020-2021, and now 2021-22): What a strange year and a half it has been and may continue to be as we move into the unknowns of the future! Leadership hasn't looked like it might usually, but how important it has been for the officers and members that you have been there as sounding boards, energizers, and innovators.

Most of all, YOU, our members!! Without you, we would have no Atlanta Civil War Round Table to which we could return. THANK YOU for every time you attended on-line, read the newsletter, sent in your dues, attended an activity, or emailed or phoned a fellow member just to say, "hi". You have helped keep us strong and ready for a wonderful 2021-2022 campaign year. It's an honor to be part of this remarkable organization as we continue our mission to promote the serious study of the American Civil War.

Your obedient servant,
Mary-Elizabeth Ellard